Thursday, April 2, 2015

May Calendar FREEBIE!

Don't beat me for putting this out too early... I know it's just the beginning of April, but some of us like to be prepared!! And I finished it early. I waited, like, a whole 3 days before I posted it, so I used some self control...but I just couldn't wait to have this adorable calendar out there!!

Alright, two ways to get this beauty

Numero Uno-- Go to my TPT store and download it. This is the way that, if you love me, you'll go. This way I can see how many people have downloaded it and that makes me all sorts of happy.

But I get that not everyone wants to start up an account. Lame. Which brings me to numero uno two...or something like that, go to HERE and just print it off. Ya punk. 

Speaking of my TPT store, if you see the adorable clipart on my calendar and you say to yourself, "Oh my heart!! I must have that adorable clipart!" (Which I know you all are) Then you can go to links below and get it! Yay, your heart!

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