Friday, April 24, 2015


Hey all!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I'm trying to beef up my clip art so I can start making some new products using my clip's a crazy cycle. ;)

I've just barely finished this School Supplies Clip Art set, and mostly I'm in love! So darn cute!

These Alphabet Kids Clip Art make me so happy. They are silly and fun and I love them! 

This Ballerina Frames Clip Art came from the Alphabet Kids. Originally I was going to add them, but they just didn't seem to fit in. So I turned them into brightly colored frames and couldn't be happier! 

Seriously it's a horribly amazing addiction that I love! So fun being creative and see it come out so well! One of the funnest parts? I just made my first sale on at my TPT store! I made a total of $1.50! Woo! But still, I called my mom jumping up and down. I guess I'm easily excited, but I love my products and it made me so happy that someone else loved them enough to purchase them! 

Next week I have a fun teacher appreciation card FREEBIE I am working on, so make sure to check back then. As for me, I think I'll go work on some more clip art...

Don't forget, as May is coming up, that I got a wee bit excited and my May Calendar is already up!! Check it out!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

LDS General Conference Notes Page

I know I'm running a bit late on this, but I whipped up a quick page to take notes on for the LDS conference, April 2015! And I thought I would share.

Get it HERE

If you're not sure what LDS general conference is check it out HERE. It's a conference where all Latter-Day Saints gather (either at the conference building, through television, internet, ect.) and listen to uplifting messages from prophets of God. It happens once every six months for six, two hour sessions. It's one of my favorite times of the year. So if you are LDS or not, and looking to be uplifted, go check it out! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

May Calendar FREEBIE!

Don't beat me for putting this out too early... I know it's just the beginning of April, but some of us like to be prepared!! And I finished it early. I waited, like, a whole 3 days before I posted it, so I used some self control...but I just couldn't wait to have this adorable calendar out there!!

Alright, two ways to get this beauty

Numero Uno-- Go to my TPT store and download it. This is the way that, if you love me, you'll go. This way I can see how many people have downloaded it and that makes me all sorts of happy.

But I get that not everyone wants to start up an account. Lame. Which brings me to numero uno two...or something like that, go to HERE and just print it off. Ya punk. 

Speaking of my TPT store, if you see the adorable clipart on my calendar and you say to yourself, "Oh my heart!! I must have that adorable clipart!" (Which I know you all are) Then you can go to links below and get it! Yay, your heart!