Monday, September 19, 2016

Sleeping Moon Clip Art FREEBIE

Hey all!

I know I've been missing from this blog for the past while... okay, long while. But I am working on revamping my blog so that I can share more fun ideas, activities and stories with you! So as an "I'm sorry I've been M.I.A." gift please accept some FREE Clip Art!

If you follow me on Instagram (Hopefully you all do! If you don't head over there and do it right now! I'm a fantastic Instagramer. Ha! ), you saw this adorable post:

Guess what?! That cute sleeping moon is all yours! Plus y'all know me and know that I can't do anything in color and not black and white, so a black and white copy is included! Thanks for dealing with my slackingness. I'll be back with more fun stuff and hopefully and new blog design soon! 

If you do download and use this clip art check out my FREEBIES Terms of Use and leave me a comment letting me know what you think!! 

Happy Dreams! 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to Use "Inside the..." Clip Art Sets

Hey all! Welcome to my blog in progress. Hopefully I'll get it fully up and running here in the next few weeks. But, whether it looks pretty or not, I wanted to do a quick tutorial on how to use my "Inside the..." clip art sets! They are fun little sets that add tons of versatility to your projects, and they are cute to boot! So to take away any fear of "how am I suppose to use these?!" I've got you covered! 

This tutorial is done on a Mac in Power Point, however, the same main concepts should apply to PC's and other programs. 

First "insert" your clip art. In this tutorial I used my "hungry boy," "pear," and "hungry boy front" clip art files. Next go to "reorder" then "reorder objects"  as pictured below.

This will open you up to this page. Drag the clip art into this order, "hungry boy" 1st, "pear" 2nd, "hungry boy front" 3rd. Then click on done, in the bottom corner. 

Next drag your "pear" over to the "hungry boy." Arrange it so it looks like he's eating it or what ever is best for your needs. ;)

Next line up "hungry boy front" with the "hungry boy" as best you can. Your clip art might "snap" into place and you'll be done, or you can highlight both "hungry boy front" and "hungry boy" by holding down shift and clicking on them each. Next click "align" then "align center" and "align middle."

Next high light all three files by dragging a box over all three then click "Group" as pictured. Make sure to get all three or you'll leave one behind! This will make the three files act as one and be able to be moved as one. 

Then Ta-Da! You're done! And you have an adorable customized clip art. :)

I have a few "Inside the..." clip art sets, with more soon to come! The Inside the Basket is FREE so you can try them out and see what you think! Check them out along with all of my fun clip art, digital papers, borders, and other products at my Teachers Pay Teachers store Deeder Do!