Tuesday, March 17, 2015

April 2015 Calendar FREEBIE

So...it was my anniversary last week. My husband and I always go on a date and hang out together, but we usually don't buy any gifts. Well, that morning I got on the computer to find an adorable page up on a new design program that my husband bought me!! I was so excited! I'm moving up in the world ;)

Now all of my FREEBIEs and other fun stuff will be in 300dpi and done in vector, so they'll all have crisp lines and bright colors! So exciting! I've been playing on it all week (my husband may have buyers remorse after he realizes all I want to do all day is design ;)).

So here is April's adorable calendar

Get it from here

Also, (more exciting news) I've opened a Teachers Pay Teachers store, so if you like the clip art and images I use, you can head to My Store and buy them!! Or pick up some more FREEBIES!  


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